Saturday, January 3, 2009

Catch Up - Not to be Confused with Ketchup

The little men in their Christmas Pajamas. This was the best photo out of 6 - getting them all to look at the camera is like nailing gelatin to the wall!

Caleb wrestling Matthew to the ground...lot's of this happening now that they are very mobile!

The Fab Four after "Treats on Main" here in Wilmore. The main downtown street is closed off and businesses hand out candy and have games set up for the kiddos. Big Fun! Notice Mr. Incredible, the two M&M's, and Luke as himself. He chose to not wear his Buzz Lightyear costume - opting for the more non-traditional costume of a "2 year old boy." (grin)

Okay, I have shared before that while I take a lot of pictures - I am terrible about loading them onto my computer. That is why I am just now loading pics from the fall! We have this "mega sized" card in our camera, so it can hold several hundred pics. It isn't terribly difficult to do it - simply plug it into the USB port and turn on the camera. I have been thinking about why i don't do it more often, it really would be fun to show updated pics of the handsome young men living in this house (and that handsome big man who lives here, too). I think I procrastinate because it forces me to look at my very untidy "digital photo album' on my computer. It's a disaster - photos from every year and season all jumbled together. Oh sure, I have created little folders...I got lots and lots of them...the pics just don't always end up in them. Sometimes the pics end up in multiple places - and then I am unsure as to whether it's the only copy of it or if it exists in another folder somewhere. UGH. I need to start over...too bad I have over 6 years worth of pictures to wade through.

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