Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Gift from Heaven

Today is my birthday.  I am not really certain exactly why I have been missing my mom more than usual today...I mean, other than the obvious fact that she gave birth to me.  {grin}  I guess few people get as excited about your birthday to the degree that your mom does.  I have just been missing her...wishing I could talk with her or work on some "project" around the house together or just sit and delight in my little boys as they play.  My day has been full of blessings.  Sweet hugs and birthday wishes from my little boys, tender kisses from my biggest boy, and cards from dear friends arriving in the mail.  I just miss my mom.

After picking Luke up from school {he is in a half-day kindergarten program}, we needed to make a quick trip to get some dog food for Rocky.  On our way home from the store, Matthew and I had the following conversation:
Matthew:  Mommy, I am sad.
Me:  Why are you sad, buddy?
Matthew: Because I miss my Gran. {whimpering}
Me: Oh, sweet boy, I miss her,too. 
Matthew:  I want to hug her.  Do you want to hug her, Mom?  {wiping tears from his sweet cheeks}
Me: I sure do, Matthew.  If Gran were here with us, she would want to hug us, too.  Maybe we will feel better if we hug each other.  Do you want me to hug you when we get home?
Matthew:  Yes!  Is Gran in Heaven, Mom?
Me:  Yes, she is Matthew.  She is having a wonderful time there.  No one ever gets sad, or sick, or scared.  It's such a great place, no one ever cries. 
Matthew:  Is she with God and Jesus?
Me:  Yes, she  is.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be with God and Jesus?
Matthew:  Oh, yes!  I want to be with God and Jesus in Heaven.  What is Gran doing in Heaven?
Me:  Oh, she is singing songs about how wonderful God is...she is singing with her friends, with all kinds of other people who love God.
Matthew:  {very excitedly}  I want to sing songs with God and Jesus!  I want to do that after I am old and I die and go to Heaven.  That would be great!  I will sing with Gran, too!
Me:  That sounds wonderful, Matthew.  What a special gift to be with God and everyone else you love in Heaven one day.  I want to be there with you, too.
Matthew:  Yes, Mom!  And Daddy, and Sam, and Luke, and Cal.  We will all be singing in Heaven. 

So, that is how my Mom managed to give me a gift on my birthday...reminders of the sweet promise of Heaven spoken from my sweet three-year-old's heart.  Thank you, Mom.  I love you, too. {grin}
This photo was taken on Caleb and Matthew's second birthday...January 25, 2010 (incorrect date on photo)