Thursday, September 18, 2008

Attn: There is a FIVE year old in the house!

Our oldest son, Sam, celebrated his 5th birthday today. What a joy it has been, from start to finish. Speaking of the "start" of the day - it came at 5:30 am. Sam is a boy who really enjoys a celebration...and the thought of gifts, cake, birthday wishes, the potential of a package arriving in the mail for him - it was simply too much. He couldn't stay in bed a minute more. He was full of questions, as usual. Brad found Sam looking at himself this morning, deep in thought. Then he asked, "Do I look the same, Dad? Am I bigger? Does my voice sound the same?" This kid is simply too cute!

We celebrated the day in a million little ways - opened gifts from us first thing this morning, breakfast out with Daddy, his favorite candy for dessert following lunch -Kit Kat bar, we watched the old school Alvin & The Chipmunks cartoon movie during our afternoon quiet time, we enjoyed the meal that Sam chose ( cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes, and broccoli), sang "happy birthday" and blew out the candles on a cupcake, and then went to the park. whew....what a fun-filled day!
We've invited a few of Sam's friends over for a small party on Saturday afternoon (can't begin to describe how this confused our boy - another story for another post) at our house. He is excited - and so are we!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Frenzied Family Life

Our family life is full, to say the least. The busyness created by loving, playing with, caring for, and providing for our little men is enough to fill the days ( and nights, for that matter). In addition to that - Brad is one busy man. He teaches full-time, teaches 2 overload classes, is taking a full load of classes in his PhD program, is a research assistant for one of his professors, and is a seasonal employee at a boat dealership. whew....just listing his jobs makes me tired. :) But, I love that he knows what matters most...his role as "daddy" to our boys and husband to me. He really "gets" it and I'm so grateful. Brad does his best to be as "available" as possible. However, his plate is fairly full during the daytime hours. Managing our "family schedule" becomes a chore that I don't like. Between scheduling doctor's appointments for the 4 boys and myself, playdates with friends, babysitters for different events, homeschooling Sam, Bible Study, and our family/friends who are planning to visit's a juggling act. :) That doesn't include those "special" events - weddings, birthday parties, baby dedication for the twins, etc... ugh. It can be a little overwhelming if I allow it to be. These days, I am doing my best to remember that I don't have to carry it all - God cares about even the smallest details of my life. My mundane, "groundhog day" like life. God has been faithful to remind me that while my life seems like a repeat of changing diapers, doing laundry, buying groceries, cooking meals, reading books, playing with kids, cleaning up toys, cleaning up messes, changing clothes, feeding children, etc... it really is so much more. In caring for my boys and Brad, I am loving them with a selfless love that is of God - it has to be...I am too selfish to do it alone. In changing diapers, bathing kids, preparing meals, dispensing kisses and hugs - I am showing my kids that they are valuable and precious. They are worth all of my best efforts and time. My actions (when I get it right, with God's help) are literally "writing" the good news of God's love on the hearts of my little boys. So yes, this life we are living is nutty - but, so worth it. God is loving us, providing for us, blessing us, and showing us that being in the center of His will is the best place to be - in spite of the frenzy! :)