Monday, May 10, 2010

The Big News

Okay, so it’s not really big news in the traditional sense.  No need to interrupt regular broadcasting for this bit of news.  No, I am not pregnant.   That would be more dramatic news than simply “big news.”  My parents are moving to Kentucky, however!

My dad retired several years ago and has adjusted quite nicely to his life of leisure.   My mom retired from her job at the end of April.  She has served as the director of a senior living apartment complex in my hometown.  It’s a lovely historical building that was once a hotel (as a matter of fact, B and I spent the first night of our married life there) and has found new life as a home for folks 55 and older.  My mom has done amazing ministry during her time there and accomplished so much.  We couldn’t be more proud of her.  In an attempt to show her how proud we are, we loaded up the minivan and pointed it north to Indiana to attend a retirement reception in her honor.  It was a lovely afternoon of meeting her friends, the lovely people she has loved and served,  and to listen as people spoke of her tremendous impact on their lives.  Many tears were shed as folks told me how much they will miss her.  I am so thankful that my mom is the sort of lady who values people and not things.

Because of her great love of people, she and my dad are moving to Kentucky in just a few short weeks.  My family and I are all eager to have them here…just to live life together.  For nearly 17 years, I have lived more than 2 hours away from my parents…nearly six of those years a four hour drive from them.  So, at best, our relationship with them has been a weekend at a time.  I realize that this is not a huge distance compared to some families, but we are excited to spend more time with them.  You know, “normal” time – not holiday visits or special events.  We’re all looking forward to the luxury of sharing meals together, enjoying some of Gran’s good cooking, playing with Pa in the backyard, loving on George (their cute dog), having time to enjoy long chats after school and reading books in the rocking chair.  Just enjoying one another.  Lots of sweet memories to be made between my boys and my folks.  I know we’ll all be the richer for their being here with us. 

  This picture was taken at Caleb & Matthew’s second birthday party.  Note Sam and Luke’s lovely facial expressions.  I love them dearly in spite of the the fact that they ruined an otherwise great photo.  {grin} B