Tuesday, August 5, 2008

6 Months

The days are going by so quickly that I am afraid that it will all be a blur just a short time from now. I am smart enough to recognize that these are some of the sweetest days of my life...and I at least want to have a written record of the sweetness. I need to be more diligent in blogging. Finding time is the biggest issue - and the energy to upload photos. Why does uploading them seem like such an overwhelming chore to me? :)

The "little bits" are 6 months old now...hardly seems possible. The baby boys are incredibly cute and healthy. Caleb is 15 lbs. 9 oz. and Matthew is a whopping 17 lbs. Wowza - they have come a long way from their birth weights of 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 6 lbs. 1 oz. respectively. They are smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling, pooping like pros, eating solids, teething, drooling, and sleeping well. Caleb is even beginning to "scoot" across the floor a bit.

On July 17, 2007 we learned we were doubly blessed. I went to the OB for a routine check at approximately 10 weeks gestation. After signing in at the desk, I chose a magazine and settled in for a little reading time while I waited. I hadn't even turned a page when my name was called. The ultrasound tech ushered me into the dimly lit room for the first peak at God's newest gift to us. She quickly found the baby and then let me hear the heartbeat. I cried. Something about hearing a tiny little person's heart beating so strongly gets me everytime. :) She used her keyboard to type in the words "the baby" to appear on the printed version of this image. I was excited to be able to share this with Brad and the boys. I knew Sam would be intrigued by this shadowy black and white image that was to be his brother or sister. After printing the pic, she moved the "wand" around a little more on my belly...after a long pause, I heard the words, "Oh no!" My mind was immediately filled with a thousand horrible thoughts. Thankfully, she followed the comment quickly with the words, "there are two." In my wacked out state of mind, I asked, "Two what?" The technician politely explained that there were two babies. I began to laugh like a nervous school girl...and between the laughing and crying I managed to ask if she was kidding (at least 10 times). As I began to gather my emotions, I asked if she was possibly mistaken...afterall, I have a pair of ovaries - could she have misidentified a body part? She sweetly reassured me that she was certain...and my ovaries didn't have heartbeats. :) I was in total disbelief. It had never occurred to me that I would possibly be pregnant with twins - not even for an instant.

I immediately called Brad(he was at home with Sam and Luke). He handled the news with grace and a good laugh. He is such a good guy...he saved the fear until I got home. :) He gave me a hug and a smile that seemed to say, "This is a good thing...we will be okay." Then, he immediately began making plans to deal with this 'double blessing.' He said something like - " I am quitting school, resigning my teaching position, and we are moving back to Indiana to be near our family. We need help." And people think he is the calm one....hehe. :) I remember sweet Sam saying, "So, I hear you have two babies in your belly, Mom."

So, here we are just over one year has passed. We have survived an uncomfortable (but very healthy) pregnancy, switching docs mid-pregnancy, a c-section, the flu just 2 weeks after the babies were born, buying a new house and moving just 3 weeks after the twins arrived, colds, runny noses, doctors appointments, ups and downs....and many sleepless nights. :) In the midst of all of that madness, Brad has managed to sell many boats, teach many students greek, read many bedtime stories, change many diapers, and take a few doctoral level classes. whew. I am tired just thinking about it! :) But, the end result is a very, very good life with 4 precious little boys...and a very good man. It's crazy, but my life is sweet.