Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a Whirlwind

I just realized that I haven't posted since last Friday...the days in between have been full. Here is a quick re-cap.
Ma-Ma, Brad's grandmother suffered a stroke and was briefly hospitalized. She is currently working hard to recover at a rehab facility. The boys have been praying for her each night. When I shared the news with Sam, his first response was, "So, Pa-Pa (Brad's grandfather) is at home all by himself? I bet he is scared and he misses her." Her birthday is tomorrow - Happy Birthday, MaMa. We love you!

I have waded through an enormous amount of laundry. Thankfully, it's all done except one load currently drying. It's a never ending job - and I am so thankful that I have a washer and dryer at home. I can't begin to imagine what a chore it would be to carry everything to the laundromat.

We've been making preparations for the weekend festivities. It's going to be action packed, for sure. Caleb and Matthew celebrate their first birthday on Sunday, the 25th. We'll have a small party on Saturday afternoon. My parents and Brad's mom are travelling from Indiana to be with us. We are all looking forward to being together. Sunday morning, the babies (can you call them "babies" if they are one?)will be dedicated in our church's worship service. We had a yummy lunch today with our pastor and his wife to plan things. We're so grateful to be living life with folks at our church - and even more thankful that our boys have some many faithful followers to help them as they grow in faith. The littlest men will be having photos taken on Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to that - should be like nailing gelatin to the wall. :) They are both very mobile now!

As I am typing, the noises of giggles and squeals from the bathroom are growing louder and louder. Brad is entertaining Sam and Luke with some tub paints and bath foam. I believe he is making "Ice Cream Sundaes" for them. What a good daddy!


Chris and Sarah said...


I still call Paige and Jaxson babies and they are 3 so I would say the answer is yes you can still call them babies.

Brad Johnson said...

Delta Dawn was 40, and her daddy still called her "baby"....