Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

This is sweet baby Sam when he was 21 months old. We were vacationing in Florida and I caught him lounging by the pool. His sweet little tummy just melts my heart. I only wish my tummy had the same effect! :)


Chris and Sarah said...

I love the idea of Favorite Foto Friday so I am going to steal your idea.

I so wish too that bellies were cute as adults.

Mom Of Many said...

Hi Christina,
Just wanted to thank you for coming out of hiding!!! I am excited to hear how you have seen God so faithful!! It's true, isn't it?

What is your husband planning on doing when he graduates and when does he graduate?

I also love the name of your blog...four little boys - precious!! I love having sons - don't get me wrong - girls are awesome too, but there is just something special between a mommy and her sons....I have four sons too (well and five daughters - LOL)...

Anyway, thank you and I will check back when you see Denver, CO come up - that's me!! =)

From our little log home,

Brad Johnson said...

Gee, Christina, you never make comments about my cute little tummy....