Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Are You?

My mom says I was a curious child...and apparently adulthood hasn't squelched this characteristic. I watch my little "feedjit" reader on the side of my blog. I see that folks from Lexington, KY, Belleville, IL, Muncie, IN, etc... are checking up on the Johnson Tribe. They are just locations...but, I know that there are actual people behind those locations. It's fun to think that someone, heck, anyone might be interested in what is going on in our world - that my time spent writing and uploading pics isn't in vain. (grin) But, my curiousity gets the best of me - I want to know who you are. I am so grateful for the internet and think it can be a great tool for good...but, I get frustrated by the anonymous nature of cyber communication. God created us for community - no one is anonymous in God's family. Would you mind posting a comment - say it loud and proud "WE FOLLOW THE JOHNSON TRIBE!"


Chris and Sarah said...

I FOLLOW the JOHNSON TRIBE but you already knew that. I would like to know the same thing on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I follow the Johnson tribe...and wouldn't have it any other way!
Love you guys,
Kristina know the one from church...that's just for Sam!

Treva Olivero said...

I got connected with your blog through Chris and Sarah. They're friends of ours from Richmond. We used to live there and went to FCWC. I love reading about your crazy yet ordinary life. I admire your trust and love for God.