Thursday, December 28, 2006

Overwhelmed with "blessings"

Wow...what a Christmas! We spent the weekend before Christmas with Brad's family here at our home. We ate, we laughed, we visited the light show at the Kentucky Horse Park, we opened gifts, we played with the kids and were entertained by Paige and Wesley on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to church together and then we continued the food fest at Sam's restaurant of choice - CiCi's Pizza. :) We were all sad when they loaded up for the return trip to Indiana. It was just the four of us for Christmas Eve night...we went to the candle-light worship service at our church. As the congregation sang, "Silent Night" we each lit candles. After the song ended, Sam began to sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus." Too cute!! I am so thankful that he "gets" what it really is all about. It can be a challenge, however. It's so easy to allow the wrapping paper, bags, boxes, gifts, cards, and baked goods to cover up the real gift - the best gift that has ever been given.
So, now that it's 3 days after Christmas and the new toys have been broken in - the real work begins. Where do you put it all? We are literally overwhelmed with presents. The boys each have a room full - full to overflowing. So, we will be giving some away and putting some others away for Luke as he gets older. Eventually we will get it all sorted out. But, in the meantime, it's a little overwhelming. :) I keep telling myself that it's good to be blessed this much!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sending Out an S.O.S.

Lately, there has been some bedtime "drama" where Sam is concerned. He has become a master at delaying the inevitable - he needs a drink, he forgot to hug his baby brother, he has to potty one more time, he wants to read just one more book, etc... Last night, after books, prayers, and snuggles - he told me he was going to "miss me" while he was asleep. I told him because we love one another, he didn't have to miss me - I am always in His heart. I explained that he could pray and ask God to help him not to miss me and to help him fall asleep quickly. After I left his room, I heard him tearfully talking out loud. I overheard the following conversation, "God, I am missing my mommy real bad. Can you go get her? PLEASE!" His pleading with God went on for several minutes, and I simply HAD to go back in for more snuggling. Afterall, I didn't want him to have a crisis of faith... What a blessing it is to watch your child begin a relationship with God. :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The delicate balance between chaos and calm...

It seems each day is full of moments of extreme sweetness and extreme chaos! For instance, yesterday Sam had a friend over to play in the morning. He and Elijah had a great time playing with dinosaurs, coloring, racing cars, and eating snacks. Everything was going beautifully (Sam was even sharing) until the last few minutes before Elijah's mom arrived. Apparently, having all four of the dinosaurs to yourself is the only way to go - it was all or nothing for the both of them. They wouldn't even entertain the idea of each having two dinosaurs. Sam got frustrated and ran to his bedroom in tears. I explained how we stay and work things out with our friends using "words" rather than leaving in tears...and that he probably hurt Elijah's feelings. We said "goodbye" to Elijah and then settled down for an afternoon nap. After he woke up, he came into the kitchen where I was feeding Luke in the highchair. Sam noticed a picture of Jesus on a Christmas letter we'd received. He said, "Jesus, I am sorry for hurting Elijah's feelings. Okay?" It melted my heart and gave me hope! Maybe he really is "getting" more than we think he is.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is Coming....ready or not!

The countdown has begun for slackers like me....only 6 more days until Christmas. I have yet to wrap the gifts, ice the cookies, plan the holiday dinner, or send the official Johnson Family Christmas letter. It's not entirely my fault - honest! Last Sunday, I did my best to take the "annual photo" of the kids for the letter - but, Luke cried like mad and Sam closed his eyes. After about 6 attempts, Brad called a "cease fire" and we went to church. :) So, I have been unable to send the letter because I have no photo. Luke had tubes placed in his ears on Monday morning...a very neccessary procedure - but not part of the "Christmas Plan" I had created. Thankfully, he seems to be doing fine and much more comfortable. Poor little guy has had recurrent ear infections for months now. Two surgeries in 9 months - he gets around the medical community! So, while I haven't got the "superficial" things prepared for Christmas - my heart is fully prepared to welcome God's good gift. I am keenly aware of the gift of salvation that came wrapped in the tiny body of a baby so long ago. God is so good.