Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is another of those posts i have been intending to write for weeks now. The babies are crawling everywhere!
Caleb began "scooting" several weeks ago - using his big toe on his right foot to propel himself forward. He got a taste of freedom and there was no stopping the boy! He traveled such distances that he now has a callous on his "propeller" toe. Within the past week, he has lifted his tummy off of the floor and is crawling the more traditional way. :) He grins from ear to ear and squeals with joy as he makes tracks all over the house. Too cute!
Matthew watched his brother's antics for a couple of weeks before getting in on the action. He wasted no time with improper techniques...and quickly mastered traditional way of crawling on hands and knees.
They are both so excited to be mobile...and we are all trying to keep from stepping on their little hands as we walk past them. Sam is thrilled when they crawl to his room for a "brother playdate." It's been especially fun to watch them interact with one another on their own terms now that they are able to move freely about. They are often found crawling over on another - sometimes getting stuck on top of one another.
**This just in...Caleb has begun to pull himself up on our ottoman and couch. EEK! Sam walked at 10 months old and Luke at 9 months - this isn't good! :)

Miss Nancy Comes to Kentucky

We have so much more than sweet memories from our years of youth ministry in Indiana...we have treasured friendships that have endured the passing of time and the many miles between us now. One of our dear friends, Nancy, came to visit us this week. Nancy and her family (hubby Ron, daughter Hollyn, and son Sam) were all a vital part of our weekly youth ministry program. They even invited Brad and I to stay with their kids while they were out of town several times...such big fun! When we we waiting for our own Sam to arrive, Nancy helped me "nest" and shared in our anticipation for our little bundle of joy! We have "lived life" with them...and we're better people because of it.
The past few years have brought many changes for both of our families. Hollyn and Sam are both college students now (eek! - Ron and Nanner are empty nesters) and we have added 3 more boys to our family. Nancy has a little more time and freedom these days...and she came to visit us! Our visit began when we met at the orchard on Sunday afternoon. It was time for the annual Johnson family pumpkin picking trip and the orchard happened to be on Nancy's route to our house. This plan worked out perfectly because we'd forgotten our stroller! What parent's of 4 children (2 of whom don't walk yet) forget an important tool like a stroller! :) agh! So, Nancy and Caleb become best buddies as she carried him all over the orchard.
She was able to stay until Tuesday afternoon...and it was fun-filled and fantastic! She and Sam had an extended "date" together - getting new training wheels for his bike, looking at every possible toy in Wal-Mart, having lunch at Sam's fav place - McD's, and even a little grocery shopping. She cooked a yumm-o dinner for us, brought a carload of treasures from Indiana for us, took the babies for a walk, she did the dishes repeatedly, she sat in on Brad's class, she read books and played 'pretend" with the big boys, she changed the diapers of the little ones, she gave me a knitting lesson, and she just loved on all of us. It was so fun and refreshing to have her around...a breath of fresh air. She encouraged us, affirmed us, loved us, and made us laugh. God is so good to show His love for us through the kind words and deeds of dear friends.
We were all a little sad when she left. As she pulled out of our driveway, Sam said, "I miss her already." I did, too. Thanks for the visit, Miss Nancy. When are you coming back?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Several times throughout my day, I think to myself, "This is blog-worthy material." or "I am totally going to blog about this one..." However, the day goes marching on and several brain cells die at the hands of my motherly duties. :) I just get caught up in the activity of our daily life and I simply can't remember what has happened during the day when I finally have time to blog. It's really such a shame, our home is full of so many side-splitting funny moments, sweet brotherly-love situations, and the craziness that 4 little boys can bring about just by "being" who they are.
So, I am trying to get better at remembering...and then blogging.. and then uploading pictures (I confessed to a friend that I currently have 746 pics on the camera just waiting to be uploaded). Be patient with me, friends. :)
Tomorrow is sure to be a day chock-full of moments to be shared on blog. I am going to take all 4 boys to the library for story hour. Rumor has it that a firetruck and the firehouse dog are making an appearance. This is an annual library event, and last year Sam nearly had a coronary when he saw the "dog" - a fireman in a dalmation costume. Tomorrow should be an eventful one. Pray that Luke doesn't bite the dog, run away, climb the truck, etc... and that the babies don't meltdown simultaneously. These are my biggest fears when I am out alone with the boys. :)