Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

Living in a small town has its perks.  One of them is Trick or Treating on Main Street.  The local fire department uses their trucks to block off Main Street for a couple of hours and businesses, churches, and even individuals pass out candy to little treat-seekers.  It's really quite a social event in our little town.  {grin}  For the most part, there are no creepy costumes...and you're always sure to see a grown-up man in his Winnie the Pooh costume.  My kiddos look forward to seeing him each year. 

I know that many folks have differing opinions about Halloween and participating in it's festivities.  Honestly, I am not sure what we would do (or not do) if we didn't live in Wilmore.  Our "trick-or-treating" is a fun and friendly experience for families.  My boys love to dress up - the excitement is over the top!  They love to see their friends and neighbors all dressed up, too.  We go downtown and gather candy, play a few carnival games, and then go home.  I am so thankful that our sweet little town avoids the gorry, creepy, evil side of this holiday.  We're able to claim it for fun family memories instead.  And there were certainly lot's of memorable moments to enjoy!

My four little "treats" posing in front of the Wilmore Fire Truck.

Mario (Caleb) & Luigi (Matthew)
I still giggle each time I look at this pic.  {little sweeties - big 'staches}

Sam was one cool "ninja"
Can't believe how big he is.
Luigi & Mario found a Transformer!
Luke loves robotic things that move and twist...s
o, he was super excited about this costume.

Caleb's "big eyes" face.  Cracks us up everytime!

The Johnson boy's with their jack-o-lanterns.

While we were gathering treats on Main Street we found another Mario and Luigi!
This is one of Brad's students and his son. 

All aglow!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Break - Day 3

 Our last day in Indiana found us at The Indianapolis Children's Museum.  Our dear friends,  Tom and Jan, were brave enough to join us for the fun.  And, did we ever have fun!  From the time we arrived until we reluctantly left (nearly 6 hours later), we had a great time.  Every one of our six senses was heightened at one point or another - the boys were in heaven!

I managed to capture this sweet image (save Sam and Luke's crazy faces) just before we left.  The boys were incredibly sad to leave Mr. Tom and Ms. Jan...and so was I!

 The museum had an amazing exhibit on Egypt.  We entered the experience via an airplane ride (the seats actually shook as you heard the rumble of the plane on the runway) and experienced life in Egypt.  The boys loved it: the marketplace, the clothing stores, the restaurant, etc...  This photo is of Matthew "cooking up a little yummy goodness" in the restaurant.  We happily ate his pretend food and drank his "delicious" coffee.
We were greeted by an actual model of a Transformer that was used in the making of one of the movies. My sources (my children) tell me that this guys name is "Bumblebee."  The boys thought it was amazing.  They each took a turn being photographed behind the cardboard image... Caleb's hat and facial expression are priceless.  {giggle}
My little men got very excited when we learned the museum was hosting a "Hot Wheels" exhibit while we were visiting.  Heaven for four little boys!  There were so many things to do: create your own car, look at life-size models of Hot Wheels, tons of cars to race down tracks at every turn, and even a care to sit in. 

Luke was hard at work designing a car.

 Twin racers.  They would have stayed there all day long. 

Sam enjoyed pretending to deliver the evening news.

Matthew and Mr. Tom stopping for a tickle.  {love this}

Caleb in the exhibit about healthy living...exercise and nutrition.


Tom and Jan, thanks so much for making time for us and making some magical memories with my boys.  We love you so much!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Break - Day 2

The second day of our little getaway began leisurely as we didn't have any plans until lunch time and one of my dear sons wakes up at 6 o'clock every single morning. So, we had breakfast and watched some television (a real treat because Nee Nee has cable!) without a care in the world.
My dear mother-in-law offered to watch the boys while I went to have coffee with two very dear friends.  I have known these young ladies since they were in sixth grade...and now they are both married and each recently had sweet baby girls.  Brittany and Lora were each part of our youth ministry program for years and I also had the honor of being their small group leader all throughout high school...and now, I am so thankful to be their friend.  What a blessing to be "doing life" with them for such a long time.  I love that God sets us into "faith families" to make this journey with.  So, we sipped coffee and chatted about motherhood, family, and faith.  They even let me hold their sweet little ones.  Swoon....I was in love!  They are young women of great faith and they are also incredible mothers. 

Lora and baby Audrey

Brittany and sweet Cora
So, I left the ladies and hurried back for our lunch date with "Pa Pa."  My husband's grandfather is 93 years old and such a blessing to our family.  He loves a good joke (he's such a good sport, he even laughs at my kiddo's jokes), loves his family, and we love him right back.  He really is a joy and my boys love him dearly.  Brad's mom, his two aunts, and Pa Pa were brave enough to have lunch with us.  We had a great time catching up with one another and managed to have only one spill during our meal.  {not mentioning any one's name....but, it rhymes with LUKE}.  :) 
After lunch, we headed to the local orchard for a visit to the pumpkin patch.  I love this little orchard in owned, not too big, not too commercial, and incredibly sweet.  We shopped in the little store, choosing some popcorn to bring home for Brad and some delicious apple cider slushies.  It seemed to take forever for each boy to find a pumpkin...but, we managed.  {snicker}  After all of that, we headed back to Nee Nee's house for dinner, baths, and bedtime.  Having so much fun is exhausting.
Nee Nee and Caleb riding to the patch

Caleb found a winner!

It's impossible to get a good pic of this crew! Little clowns!

Sam searching for the "perfect" one...

Luke was determined to find the smallest, "cutest" pumpkin.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Break Fun - 1st Day

The boys and I decided to make the most of Fall Break and travel to Indiana for a few days.  Brad was elbow-deep in books - teaching himself Aramaic in just 6 weeks for a major test as part of his PhD process.  So, it was a perfect time for us to skip town and have some fun...and leave Brad to study without interruption or the guilt of not being home with us. 

So, we I packed our bags and we took off in our mighty mini-van.  We had borrowed several books on CD from our local library and loaded up on snacks and drinks...we were set!  The boys were well behaved and the travel was easy.  We did spend about 45 minutes at a stand-still due to a semi-trailer accident.  The boys and I talked about the book we were listening to and prayed for the people involved in the accident...and the wait didn't seem so long.

We arrived in time for some visiting, some dinner, and some sleeping.  The next day, we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Our dear friend, Miss Lori, volunteered to come along with us.  We nearly had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a great day!  I was pregnant with the twins the last time we visited a zoo, so we were long overdue for some face time with the animals.  The dolphin show was a highlight and the penguins were a huge hit, too.  We can't wait to go back again. 

The boys loved this penguin's "bad hair day."

My favorite animals at the zoo.

Luke and Matthew up close and personal with the tiger.

Miss Lori, Luke, Caleb & Matthew waiting for the dolphin show to begin.