Monday, December 29, 2008

Brotherly Love

So, just a few days after I posted about Luke's intensely "physical" love language...he proves me wrong. :) Brad's mom (NeeNee Linda to my boys) was here from Indiana visiting with us over Christmas. She showered the boys with gifts, washed the dishes after nearly every meal, and provided some one-on-one attention for each little boy. What a blessing! Brad and Sam took Linda home on Saturday, spending the night with her before returning home on Sunday. I don't like for us to be separated from one creates an uneasiness in me that I can't really explain. I am not fearful, fretful, or any other "fuls" - just feels strange and unnatural to me. Apparently, Luke feels the same way. :) The little boys had gone to bed right on time, and it was sweet to have only Luke to prepare for bed. We snuggled and drank chocolate milk together, read a few extra books, and prayed together. I tucked him in and he began to sob...saying sadly, "Sammy.....Sammy.....Sammy." He and Sam have shared a room for some time, and Luke has grown accustomed to Sam's presence at bedtime. Poor little guy was heartbroken without his big brother. I reassured him, whispered comforting words to him, prayed with him again....the sobs continued. I asked him if he'd like to talk to Sam on the telephone...tears stopped and a huge grin took over his tear-stained cheeks. Sam was so kind to Luke , saying..."It's okay, Luke. I am only here for a visit. I am coming home tomorrow. Don't be sad, Luke. I am coming home." So sweet to see my Sam comforting his little brother...and sweet to see the special relationship that these two share. God has knitted their hearts together - and I pray they remain friends for a lifetime.
Fast forward a few days to tonight (Monday)...Sam had fallen asleep on the couch after dinner. Luke was watching a little television with Brad and I (he was THRILLED to choose the dvd without Sam's input) when he noticed that Sam was snoozing. As he approached his big brother, I was fully prepared to reprimand him for trying to wake Sam. Imagine how I felt as I watched him carefully lean over and place a gentle kiss on Sam's head. AWWW! He did this several times before Sam stirred a little...and then Luke grinned and said, "Oh, Hi Sam!" What a blessing for this momma's heart! These sweet memories will come in handy tomorrow when they are arguing over a toy, having trouble keeping their hands to themselves, or saying hurtful words to one another. :) For tonight, I am just thanking God for giving them the gift of brotherly love.


Chris and Sarah said...

That is so precious!

Brad Johnson said...

And just imagine the experience from the "NeeNee Linda" side of the fence! I'm so thankful that Christina cultivates loving relationships among our sons.