Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Boys!

I've been living in denial.  As if my baby boys wouldn't actually be another year older now if I didn't blog about it and document it with pictures.  {snicker}  Those cute little boys who rocked our world and doubled the number of children in our family entered the world five years ago on January 25th.

It's been a big year for them.  Learning and growing so much and working hard to keep up with their bigger brothers.  It's been a joy to watch their personalities change and their interests develop. 

Caleb really enjoys drawing, writing, coloring, building Lego creations, wrestling, giggling, being read to, snuggling, and dreaming about skateboarding when he "gets taller." 

Matthew is a lover of people.  He loves to engage people around him (friends and strangers, alike!) in conversation.  He is incredibly "physical" and loves any activity that requires him to be in motion!  His first love is basketball.  We have an indoor goal and foam ball that transforms our living room into a gym...and Matthew plays daily.  He loves to be outdoors and "adventure" is among his favorite words. 

Sweet Matthew loves to write his name!

Our dear friend, Mr. Dave, was so patient in helping Caleb with his new Lego set.


The boys were blessed with some very generous gifts from their friends and family.
Caleb opening his gifts.
They requested just a few friends to join them for the birthday fun.  What a blessing to see Caleb and Matthew enjoy being loved and celebrated!  Sweet little fellas were sure to thank everyone for their gifts...and delighted in having some new things to play with.

        Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet little boys!  We love you, Caleb and Matthew!