Monday, March 30, 2009

The Same, Yet Different

Caleb and Matthew, that is. They are very much alike...both blonde haired, both love to eat yogurt, both love to play "chase" with Sam, both love to be tickled, both don't like to have their diaper changed, both are all smiles when they wake up, both can eat their body weight in spaghetti & meatballs (okay, maybe I am exagerrating - but, they do eat a lot of it), they both LOVE splashing in the bathtub, and they both don't like green beans.

They have shared the same "space" since they were conceived...a womb, a crib, and a room. They are beginning to really enjoy playing with one another. Caleb and Matthew have their own version of "hide and seek" they like to play in their room. One of them will hide behind the curtains, and the other will giggle wildly when the "hider" reveals his face. It's so funny to watch. I pray that they will always be close friends...that all of my boys will treasure the special relationship between brothers.

While the twins share many things in common...they are individuals, for sure. Caleb is an avid reader - several times a day, he will bring a book us to read it to him. "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and "Barney's Weather Book" are currently at the top of his reading list. He requires a little more reassurance from his Momma - needs to see me at all times, or at least know that I am easily reached. He needs more hugs, kisses, snuggles...but, usually doesn't initiate affection. Well, except for the "open mouthed" kisses he has been giving me lately! How funny! Our dear friend, Phyllis, says that he has "the heart of an only child." {grin} This is so true! If he could have his parents undivided attention, he'd be in heaven! Caleb is famous for making this funny little face when he is very happy - he squints his eyes until they nearly disappear and cheeses the biggest grin. Funny! He loves that this makes our entire family giggle. Caleb is smaller than his twin brother - nearly 4 pounds lighter. His hair is lighter, too. He squeals more often - and much louder. Caleb falls asleep quickly...almost instantly. Caleb is a joy to our family...can't wait to see who he becomes as he grows.

Matthew makes a sweet little face when he is happy - scrunches up his little nose and squints his eyes. He "melts" in my arms when I pick him up...allowing his body to rest fully on mine and then pats my back with his pudgy little hand. This absolutely makes my heart soar. Matthew is a very dainty and polite eater - picking up one little piece of food at a time and being very patient in enjoying his meal. Matthew jabbers for a long time before finally falling's so sweet to hear his little voice on the monitor when I am cleaning up after lunch. Matthew has a temper...he growls when something is taken from him. It's a LOUD growl. He wants to let us know he is angry and means business. However, when things are made right in his world, he is thrilled! Matthew is very affectionate - he often comes running into my arms for a quick hug or a kiss. He is a great dancer - shaking his little bottom to the 'Ten Commandment Boogie" while I make dinner. Matthew likes to "sing" along with the worship music at church, too. He loves to be tickled, chased, and to play "peek a boo." Matthew is content much of the time...such a sweet dispostion. We can't imagine the Johnson fam without this little guy.

Two little blessings...and twice as nice. {grin}

Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

That's my sweet little Sam tucked into his Daddy's coat. Sam was about 5 months old when we made the lloonngg drive to Canada - Quebec to be specific. Brad was a youth pastor at the time and we were doing preliminary work for a mission trip he would lead that summer. We had a great time, met some amazing people, saw some beautiful sites, and took Sam sledding for the first time. Some great memories were made on that trip. We were driving along the road when we saw a van completely engulfed in flames, we stopped to ask the driver if he was okay. He sat in our truck until the fire department arrived. It was incredibly sad. On a lighter note, we ate Tim Horton's doughnuts for the first time - YUMMY! There was a ton of snow on the ground. So much snow, that Brad actually drove on a snowmobile path thinking it was the road! HA!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


No, I am not down in the dumps...just wondering if I have been suffering from a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You know, the sun doesn't shine much during the long winter months...and it can leave this momma feeling a little "blah." I am growing more convinced that I am solar powered. I can accomplish twice as much on a sunny day - and while singing a happy song! {grin and wink}

The past few days we have enjoyed sunny days and warm temperatures (in the low 70's midweek)here in Kentucky. Our windows have been open and our doors, too. The storm doors at our front and back doors are full-view glass with pull-down screens (I hope you know what I am talking about). This view of the outside world has left us amazed - we've seen birds (Luke's personal favorite), noticed our lilac bush is budding, witnessed our grass "greening" up, and watched the older kids riding bikes after school. Getting all of the boys outside by myself remains a challenge...maybe even more of a challenge than last summer. Luke has a greater understanding of our boundaries - and most of the time he respects them. Sam is totally reliable and typical first-born who always follows the rules. Caleb and Matthew are no longer content to sit in the stroller while the bigger boys play outside - they want to be in on the action! With no fence to contain them(and a big flight of stairs to our yard), it's a challenge to watch them all. It leaves me frazzled! So, we tend to play at the sand table on our deck before and after nap time...and wait until Brad gets home to really play outside.

The past few days - we have all been so excited to get outside. I have been motivated to have dinner ready on time, if not early. Sam and Luke have eaten dinner quickly in order to maximize our outside playtime in the evening. I think Brad has even gotten home a little bit earlier. We are all enjoying the great outdoors again! Caleb and Matthew have been exploring this new part of their world, too. So funny to watch them discover grass. Neither of them are fond of it. Matthew will work very hard to avoid falling down...he doesn't want to touch the grass in order to get back up! Caleb is very unsure about walking on the grass - as a matter of fact, he took just a step or two and then remained perfectly still the first time he was in the grass. I am sure this won't last long. I predict that by the end of the summer, they will be unstoppable!

I am sorry for the lack of new pictures. It's the same tired excuse, just haven't gotten around to uploading them yet. {grin}

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Luke Andrew

This picture was taken just minutes after you were born, March 9, 2006. I remember so well the events surrounding your arrival. You made your way into the world at 10:35 pm...just hours before your daddy's birthday on March 10th. You announced your arrival with a loud cry and Daddy prayed - thanking God for the good gift of you. We were so thankful that God had given us another little boy to fill our family. We had prayed and prepared for months...and at last, we were holding you in our arms.

Sam was 2 1/2 when you arrived. He was eager to meet "his baby" and was even more fond of you when he opened the gift you had "given" him. When he came to the hospital for the first time, you "gave" him a Veggie Tales play set. He loved it! He would learn to love you, too. At first, your crying really bothered Sam. As a matter of fact, you cried the entire way home from the hospital...and so did Sam. He was curious about you...and you were tolerant of him. I am so thankful that you two have become such good friends and playmates. No one makes you laugh or annoys you like Sam. {grin}

You were an easy baby...except when you were in the car seat. We were desperate to find a solution to your crying (the entire time we were traveling), we tried a different car seat. SHAZAM! It was as if you were a totally different baby when you were not in the infant carrier. We were so relieved. You ate well. You also began to spit up quite well. Your spitting up soon became projectile vomiting...caused by pyloric stenosis. You had surgery to repair this tummy issue the same day you were diagnosed. Although it was a minor procedure (taking only 20 minutes), Daddy and I were shaken. You were so tiny, so frail, and we were unable to help you. I remember carrying you to the doors of the operating room and placing you in the arms of the anesthesiologist...and weeping. Daddy and I were quickly reminded that you were not ours - but, you belonged to God. We were reminded that God loved you even more than we did, and He would care for you. We prayed for your surgeons, your recovery, and your life. We were so relieved that the symptoms were gone immediately and you were able to come home the following day. We haven't looked back since have been healthy, happy, and very busy.

Luke, you are an intense little boy. You love fiercely, play hard, jump high, run fast, roar loudly, giggle with gusto, kiss your momma with lots of slobber, celebrate big, and "squeeze hug" everyone you love. Physically, you astonish us. You are able to wink both eyes independently, you can hop on one foot, you did a forward roll at 11 months and have since moved on to headstands! You are practicing your coloring, drawing, and puzzle making...and doing quite well. You love to sing, march, and play instruments. You especially love to wrestle with Daddy & Sam. You most favorite thing of all is to be outside! You love to play in the sandbox (and throw it everywhere, I might add), ride bikes in our driveway, play basketball & baseball, and go to the park to "swing and slide."

Perhaps the most surprising thing about you is your heart. You really, really love people. You squeal with delight when Daddy comes home from work each day, you always grin from ear to ear and say, "Mommy, I found you" when I get you out of bed each morning, you always hug Sam and say, "Oh, hi Sam" repeatedly after you wake from your nap. You love to tell "knock knock" jokes before you and Sam fall to sleep each night. You are delighted by the simplest things. You are incredibly complex, as well. You are incredibly impulsive - throwing things, jumping, disobeying, and always at the most inopportune time. {grin} You are also incredibly polite. You always say, "Oh, thanks Mom" when I give you something or tell you that I love you. You also say, "Oh, excuse me" when you walk in front of someone at the library or the store. Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents. We are so excited to see all that God will do in your life...and who you will become. Our prayer is that you'll become a man who loves God with his very life.

My sweet little boy is now three years old. Hard to believe. It has simply gone too fast. We love you, Lukey boy.