Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where to Begin?

I think I am suffering from a severe case of “I-am-so-far-behind-I-don’t-know-where-to-begin-itis.”  I have at least a million blog posts swirling around in my mind…along with my grocery list, a reminder to ask Brad to trim the boy’s nails (the is the chief mani/pedi man around here), an ever-growing list of thank you notes to be written, and the list of phone calls to return.  This blog is read by a few friends my mom….but, it’s real purpose is to be our family’s scrapbook.  So, I have these major events that need to be chronicled here for the sake of our family history.  Things like: Caleb and Matthew celebrating their second birthday, Brad celebrating his 29th birthday again, Luke celebrating his fourth birthday, Sam finishing kindergarten, my mom retiring from her job, and great conversations had with the boys that left me in fits of laughter and with tear-stained cheeks.  I am so far behind that I find myself overwhelmed …unsure where to begin.  So, I have decided to blog on, as if I never missed a beat (or in this case, a major life event).  So, tomorrow is a brand new day …and a fresh start in my blogging mind.  {grin}