Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthday Boys!

Caleb digging in to his birthday cake...never had this much sugar before - and he really liked it!
Luke had a great time at the party. He sang "Happy Birthday" with great enthusiasm and then helped to blow out Matthew's candle. Luke can wink each eye independently, I finally caught it in this picture.

Sweet little Matthew wearing his birthday hat - he grinned from ear to ear as we sang to him.

Caleb wasn't quite as fond of the hat - but, left it on long enough to catch this picture.

I managed to make these two cakes for the boys...and they ate them with gusto!

I'll try to post some party details and a funny video in the morning...for now I am so tired. It's been a long weekend of celebrating!


Kristina said...

It is so hard to believe your babies are one...Where has the time gone? Matthew still has the sweetest little face and Caleb still proves to be curious about the world around him. You are a great mom to these wonderful children! One day they will call you Blessed!

GranolaMom4God said...

What are the fun colorful circles in the cake made out of?

christina said...

I made the circles from some fondant that I bought at craft store in the cake decorating area. They are nearly 100% sugar...and the babies were in sugar shock after earting a few bites. I took the rest of them off before they really tore into the cake. They seem a little disappointed at each meal since the cake sugar for them! :)