Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Please don't adjust your screen....that's Luke. He is wildly silly... loveable ...unpredictable ... funny...giggly...and adorable. He had just eaten his body weight in strawberries, leaving some evidence on his sweet face. This little boy can do some amazing things with his body: headstand, forward roll (since he was 11 months old), wink each eye independently, throw a ball with amazing accuracy, and cross his eyes. He thinks this is very funny. I think he looks pretty creepy, but I always giggle a little bit when I see him do this. What does that say about my character? {grin} My three year old, Luke. What a silly boy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

My sweet little Sam was just 13 months old when this picture was taken. Quite frankly, he was the cutest little frog I'd ever seen. {grin} He is about to celebrate his 6th birthday and his baby brother will likely wear this costume this fall. Time has gone so quickly. I was thinking about all of the cliche's that folks tell you when you have your first baby. "Take lot's of pictures - you won't believe how quickly they change." "Before you know it, you'll be sending him off to college." They were so right. Slow down, sweet Sam...let me treasure these days when you are a little boy. I am so grateful for a heart full of memories...and so looking forward to all that God has in store for this sweet boy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr. Johnson Goes to Kindergarten *updated w/ pics

Today was the day, my firstborn was to enter the big world of formal education. I feel like I have been "eased" into this for a while now...buying school supplies, meeting the teacher at the open house, reading lots of books about kindergarten, and having endless conversations about the big day...but, today was a bit of a shock to me. Okay, okay...I realize all of those events were designed to make Sam feel more comfortable with the transition. I just thought they might have helped his parents, as well.

Our school system has not adopted full day, Sam attends in the afternoon. Our kind neighbor, Miss Mary, came over to stay with the three littlest boys while Brad and I delivered Sam to school. We were all a little nervous about the big day...and talked about how it is completely normal to feel that way when you were doing something new. Brad was a typical daddy, videotaping every moment to have a permanent record of the big event. {I love that man!} Sam's teacher greeted him, asked him to put his backpack in his cubby, and then handed him a small tub of Pl*y-Doh to occupy him until she was ready to begin. We hung around for a few minutes and then we said our goodbyes. We tried to play it "cool" - like it was no big deal- hoping Sam would play along. {grin} I smooched his cheek, told him I would see him later and I was looking forward to hearing about his day, and then he put both arms around my neck and squeezed me tightly. I thought my heart would break and my eyes were burning to hold back tears. Brad was cool...however, I think if I hadn't suggested we leave...he would have stayed all day! Speaking of Brad, he is such a good daddy. He is constantly thinking of ways to nurture, protect, and comfort our little men. Today, he asked the bus driver if he could ride home on the bus with Sam. {grin - I really, really love that man} The bus driver said no.
I kept myself busy while Sam was away. The littlest ones were napping...well, sort of. Matthew has an ear infection and wasn't sleeping so well. As a matter of fact, he wasn't letting Caleb sleep either. So, my time was filled with caring for the twins. Probably a blessing, I didn't have time to watch the clock too closely. I just kept praying for Sam, his teacher, the classroom aides, and his classmates all afternoon. It's a frightening thing to leave your kiddo in a strangers care...but, as my emotions faded, I was reminded that God was still on the job and watching over Sam. Peace to my heart.

Brad came home from work in time to see Sam get off of the school bus. He looked hot and tired, but mostly happy. He came in, got a drink and then talked briefly about his day. Brad went back to work. While we watched television, Sam began to talk about how he had fun at school...but, he missed me. I told him that I missed him, too. I admitted that I even cried a little, and that I was certain that tomorrow would be a much better day. He said he didn't cry, but that his throat hurt because his tears were collecting there. I nearly burst into tears. I told him tomorrow would be a much better day - that he would have way more fun at school than at home with me. I am not certain who I was trying to convince, him or me. {grin} Sam said he had thought about quitting school, but decided to stay since the next day was "treasure box" day...he had his sights set on a little dog he'd seen in the box when we visited for open house. I pray tomorrow is better...for him and for me. {grin} I am working to create as much enthusiasm, excitement, and feeling of security as I know how.

Sam with his backpack (thank goodness he didn't think his preschool backpack was uncool - saved a few dollars), ready to go!

Sam with his teacher, Mrs. E.

Sam's seat at the table...he's looking a little uncertain here. We were just about to leave. {sniff}

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Did He Know?

Last night, we went to the Open House at Sam's school. My dear friend watched the three little ones so Brad and I could give Sam our undivided attention. We all had a great time. We met Sam's teacher (he told her that he was sure they would be good friends because they liked the same books), we explored his classroom (he searched through some books and discovered the "treasure box"), we visited the lunchroom (the steam table is like a train with cars - too cute), and we even got to take a short ride on a school bus(huge fun). Sam left feeling very good about things - and super excited about school. I resisted the urge to throw myself into her arms, racked with tears, telling her how special my little boy is and that she should treat him with care - Sam has a tender heart. {grin}

So, this morning, the "big boys" were playing so well together that I got a little suspicious. {grin} They were role playing going to school. Luke made several trips to the kitchen, where I was preparing lunch, to ask for my help in loading his "packback" with cars and other toys. Sam came in to announce that he was going to school for "another great day of school with Mrs. Eppingham (note: her name is actually Mrs. Eppinghoff). {grin} I love that Sam is using this fun play to work out his anxieties about the first day of school. I wish I could find a form of creative play for my own anxieties. {gulp}

So, after Luke had his "packback" loaded to the gills...he announced he was leaving for school. I hugged him and told him that I hoped he had a great day! He looked at me and said, "Now you say "boo hoo hoo" mom." How did he know? {grin}

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Front Page News

Last week, our dear friends from Indiana came to visit us. Well, actually, Erin came to visit the college here in our tiny town and we squeezed in on their time here. {grin} Brad and I have a long history with this family and share tons of fun memories together. We love them! While Lori (Erin's mom) and Erin went to visit campus, her younger siblings stayed with our tribe. John (nearly 11) and Grace (9) helped to entertain our little men. It was fun to have them around...and I think our little ones made them very tired and very grateful that they don't have younger siblings!

After the college visit, we gathered up the kids and headed to the park for some fun. A reporter for the local newspaper arrived to gather some photos of kids enjoying the fleeting days of summer fun. After asking permission, he took several photos of the kids and chatted with us.

You can see the results here.