Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Foto Fun...kind of.

Taking family photos of the Johnson Tribe is a difficult task.  Really, imagine getting four very busy, squirmy, independent little men to all stand/sit still and look in the same direction...difficult, at best.  However, I just choose to laugh - and hope that the essence of our family at this time in our lives is captured in some lovely images that I will treasure forever.  So, I don't mind photos of my little men squealing, running away, making silly faces, or even crying - afterall, that is who they are at this age. 

So, a few weekends ago, my hubby and I loaded up the little men and headed for Keeneland, where we met our friend and fabulous photographer, Carissa Martin.  The next few minutes were a flurry of people doing all sorts of entertaining things to get our boys to sit still and look at the camera.  It was hysterical!  The wind was blowing my hair everywhere.  Caleb was slobbering - leaving large wet spots on his shirt.  Luke was lovingly try to hold his baby brother - it was not received in the spirit it was intended.  Sam was doing his best to follow directions in spite of not wanting to wear his "handsome" shirt. Brad and I could only laugh at the hilarity of it all.  Well, on second thought....I am not so sure that Brad was laughing - but, he was making the best of it.  {grin}

You can be sure that Carissa is indeed a professional, she was able to get a few good shots of the Johnson Tribe.  These will be treasured almost as much as the memory of this photo shoot.



Anonymous said...

yay, a new post! i love how the portraits turned out. the group pic is very nice and you look gorgeous :) i really like your attitude about the photo shoot- after all, the best pictures show how your family really is, thats why i hate those cheesey studio set ups and lighting...ugh. i love your blog Christina! i'm hoping to start one soon. <3 sarah fitz anderson

GranolaMom4God said...

Very cute pictures. I love Matthew on the bench!!!! Sam--where is your shirt!!! Love the new blog look. Whatever was wrong with your blog? How did you figure it out?