Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treats on Main

One of the very best things about living in our small town is celebrating holidays here.  Each year, fire trucks block off the main street through downtown Wilmore (all 2 blocks of it) and businesses hand out candy and host carnival-like games for children.  It’s a safe place for kiddos to enjoy the fun of  Halloween and avoid the creepy, scary, evil side of the holiday.  We also love the fact that our boys get just enough candy that they are able to feel like they’ve hit the jackpot – but, not enough that we are eating it for days or weeks. 

Brad was out of town this weekend (we missed you), spending some time with his brother(we love you Uncle Rob).  Thankfully, my parents were here visiting with us and agreed to endure the torture go along with us on our trick-or-treating adventure.  Sam and Luke ran around the house getting their costumes on with a level of excitement that was almost contagious.  Caleb, however, was immune to this frenzy.  100_2159He was not happy about wearing his pumpkin costume.  Matthew was looking down at his frog costume and looking a little concerned.  It’s not everyday that your mom makes you look like a frog.  {grin}

We managed to get everyone dressed and ready to go – Matthew nearly ran to the van…such an eager little candy beggar.100_2161



My dad wedged himself between the two car seats in the back of our mini-van (he really loves his grandsons) and we were off.  Sam and Luke were chanting “trick or treat…trick or treat…” and Caleb was crying.  Imagine the chaos.  I chose to remind myself that we were making memories! {grin}

100_2162 I did manage one picture of all of my little men together…poor little Caleb is barely visible in the back of the stroller.  I didn’t have the courage to try to get a better picture. 



It was such a blessing to have extra adult coverage for the troops.  My mom pushed the stroller through the crowd (she was pointing out two little dogs dressed as ballerinas to the boys).

100_2163   Luke pulled my dad from candy station to candy station – in wide-eyed wonder of the costumes around him.  Sam held my hand tightly and surveyed the crowd to see if he spotted any of  his friends from school or creepy costumes that wanted to avoid.  He held me captive to the point that I was unable to take his picture. {grin}  He was thrilled to find some of his friends from school…and thought it was so funny that he didn’t recognize his friend who was wearing “fake hair.”

We collected our treats and scurried home to get the little boys in bed.  Sam and Luke enjoyed passing out candy to the kids who visited our house.  Luke said, “Batban (Batman) is coming to our house!”  Sam wished them all a “Happy Halloween!”  It was chaotic, busy, blessed and sweet.  {grin}

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GranolaMom4God said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Glad you had some help!