Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday…and Frustration.

I had invested lots of time…okay, a little bit of time…in a post for yesterday.  It has now been officially lost – somewhere in the deep recesses of my computer.  I suppose that is one of the drawbacks to using LiveWriter.  I will share more about that later…now, onto Favorite Foto Friday.

Christmas Sherrow 2002 015

This is my sweet niece, Grace.  Apparently, the Christmas of 2002 wasn’t too profitable…she ended up playing in the laundry basket at my parents house.  She is now a lovely 8 year old girl…and just as beautiful.  My boys love to spend time with her – we only wish we lived closer.  We love you, Gracie!

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Chris and Sarah said...

How cute!

I got my bracelet ordered and I'm sooooo excited!