Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Hurts

Couldn't think of a more fitting title for this post about my Luke's love. :) Luke is an incredibly physical little guy. He loves to jump, leap, skip, run, hop, wiggle, spin, and HUG. Brad and I often joke that after a "big hug" from Luke your spine is adjusted - no need to see your chiropractor! He squeezes your neck tightly, squints his eyes until they become little slits, and makes a sweet little sound of satisfaction. It is perhaps the purest, sweetest, love from a two-year-old boy.

I traveled to Indiana to attend a baby shower for a dear friend yesterday. What a joy to celebrate with my friend and the new little baby girl she is waiting to meet. I loved visiting with my girlfriends. Years of walking alongside one another through many seasons of life make these friends like a well-loved pair of slippers...a perfect fit and very comforting. :)

It was a long drive. I left my home before my boys were awake (my big boy, too), and returned home long after they had fallen asleep. I had missed them...and couldn't wait to see them this morning. Sam was up early - we chatted and snuggled in our bed this morning when he came to wake us. Caleb and Matthew were up next - eager to give some smiles and let me smooch them before breakfast. Luke slept in a little later than usual...and when he did wake, my mother-in-law went in to get him from his crib. When he saw me in the kitchen, he came running into my arms at full speed and gave me a hug "so big" that it hurt - in the most wonderful way. :) Luke's love hurts - and I am grateful!

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Beth said...

I had a great time too, Christina! It's a memory to cherish, for sure! Thanks for celebrating God's goodness with me!