Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Getting There...'s been a rough couple of weeks. The boys have been sick. Noses have been wiped, tears have been dried, babies have been rocked, nights have been sleepless, medications have been dispensed, the doctor has been called...and I think we're beginning to see signs of life in our home again!
A visit with our pediatrician confirmed my suspicions...Luke, Caleb, and Matthew all have one infected ear and a sinus infection. Ugh. Poor little guys. After the preparation and actual visit to the doc - I was exhausted too. I had no idea how much "cold weather" would affect my "preparing for departure" time. :) Packing the diaper bag with necessary supplies, shoes for 4, getting 4 coats/hats/mittens on, starting the van so it can be toasty when we get in, and then loading the 4 little men into the "momma mobile" - it takes a long time! The boys were wonderfully behaved - perfect little gentlemen. Sam shook the doc's hand and introduced himself and his little brothers. What a riot!
So, we are at home...recovering from our first illness in a looonnnggg time. Thank God we've been healthy for nearly a year. This is the twins first visit for an illness. We're blessed.
We're slowly but surely getting ready to celebrate Christmas. As the fog of illness lifts, we are doing more and more to welcome baby Jesus. Sam and I baked cookies today, I have done a little bit of shopping, food has been purchased for the feast, and the tree is finally up with lights - but, no ornaments yet. We're getting there...

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