Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello 2013!

So, the last blog post was a bit heavy and emotional...because sometimes life is like that.  It's also light and funny at times...God is present in both.  I am grateful.

New Year's Eve holds no special place in the life of our family.  Our kiddos are relatively young...and lack of sleep makes them grouchy and mean.  Who needs more of that in their lives?  Not this momma! {snicker} I got enough of my own!  My dear hubby is also an early to bed, early to rise sort of, it's really asking too much for him to stay up past midnight just to kiss me and let out a "whoot!" for the new year.  So, I am usually the only one up to watch the ball drop and usher in the coming year.  Honestly, we are really fun people - the fun just usually happens before midnight!

We are not big "resolution" sorts of people, either.  But, this year was a bit different.  As we sat down to dinner on January 1, 2013...I asked the boys to think of a goal they had for the coming year.  I explained that a goal was something you wanted to accomplish, to get better at something, a new habit you wanted to gain, etc...  You know, just to get their "wheels" spinning and inspire some good ideas. 

So, our responsible first-born responded with something about not wanting to fail third grade (he is an excellent student - and not in danger of failing) and wanting to help poor people.  Love his heart.

Then, we moved around the table to our youngest child (4), who said something I can't remember and then something I hope I never forget, "I am going to try to not pick my nose when we go to special places."  Ha!  I love the honesty...and what exactly would qualify as a "special" place? 

Next up, our second born kiddo...with a big heart.  He shared about how he wanted to share things that he had with people who didn't have very much.  He also wanted to give his food to hungry people.  Love this.

Around the table again, to our third born...who shared that if he "gets lots of money" he will share it with the poor.  I love his generous heart and pray that he isn't planning to play the lotto.  {snicker}

So, I began to notice a theme developing...God is growing our boy's hearts for the "least of these."  So, I guess we had all better get moving in that direction in more intentional ways (that our boys can see).  I've been praying for opportunities that are age-appropriate for our kiddos. 

We've also begun a new habit for the new year.  We're reading this little gem (for the life of me, blogger will not allow me to open a photo of the cover here) each day after dinner.  I have been reading the adult version of "Jesus Calling"" for a few years now...and I love it.  It blesses me and reminds me of Jesus' great love for me. 

So, we are reading it together daily as a family each night.  As is much of our life, sometimes it's a blessed time together and other times, it's a total train wreck.  {snicker}  We're learning to embrace it all!

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