Saturday, September 19, 2009

Living at the Speed of ...well, Life

I have been neglecting the blog lately, because I have not been neglecting my life! It seems like just when I think things are beginning to slow down a bit...the madness get even madder around here!
Just to recap the last couple of weeks:
  • Sam lost another tooth (bringing his total to 2).
  • Luke decided that napping isn't as much fun as it used to be. (sigh)
  • Caleb bit Matthew on the left a bruise and a very, very sad baby boy.
  • Matthew refuses to say, "Mama." Instead, he grins very sheepishly and says, "Dada" with great pride. Then he giggles.
  • Every year I am surprised at how much "busyness" comes with the start of the fall semester at the seminary. This year is no exception. Fall picnic for faculty, fall picnic for post-graduate students, retreat for faculty members (Brad will be away most of the weekend), and on and on. This year, Brad is teaching a new curriculum...even more prep required than normal.
  • Sam celebrated his 6th birthday - on 3 different occasions. Once with all of his grandparents and his Uncle Rob (Brad's brother) while they were visiting over Labor Day weekend. The second celebration came on his actual birthday - breakfast out with Daddy, lunch at school with Mommy, and then gifts from our family after dinner. The day after his birthday, a party for his friends at our house. It was fun to delight in our boy - but, I am so thankful it's over. {grin}
  • The washer died. It made loud, painful, horrible noises and then stopped working. At first, I was miffed. Then, I reminded myself that it was used when we purchased it 5 years ago for $100. Doing laundry for $20 annually doesn't sound so bad. {grin}
  • We bought a new washer/dryer...ugh. That was painful. I am looking forward to having a big machine to wash the many dirty clothes our family produces in...but, paying for it was not fun.
  • We got a new entertainment center. This is the first new piece of furniture in our house that didn't require assembly. I love it! It's durable, sturdy, and filled with storage opportunities! {thanks mom and dad - what a generous birthday, anniversary, Christmas gift}.
  • Brad passed his German Competency Exam (must be able to read and translate a theological article written in German) as part of the requirements for his PhD program. God has gifted him with an amazing mind! {grin} Praise the Lord - Brad is one step closer to being finished.
  • Caleb had another bout of "asthma-like" symptoms. He was breathing very rapidly and it was scary. The folks at the ER were very kind and treated him quickly...although, it was a very long night. Poor little fella was so tired and unable to sleep because of bright lights and unfamiliar noises. We are following up with a pulmonologist at the local Children's Hospital in October.
  • I got a bike for my birthday, my hubby baked me a cake, my big boys made me cards/pictures, enjoyed lunch with my hubby...felt so loved as I celebrated another year.
  • Matthew and Caleb were diagnosed with another ear infection. One more, and our pediatrician says we're having the conversation about tubes.
I know that I am leaving some things feeble mind simply can't keep up! {grin} Life if busy, full of activity, full of noise, full of motion, and full of love. Even at the breakneck speed we're traveling at...there is plenty of time for hugs, kisses, and giggles. {sigh}


GranolaMom4God said...

I am such a turd. I was so wrapped up in my U2 celebration that I failed to wish you a very happy Birthday. Please forgive your selfish friend, and now may the entire blogging world hereby witness me saying, "Happy Birthday, Chrispy-Tuna!" I am glad that you were born and that God made you! See you soon and I'll treat you to a coffee next week!

Quad Squad! said...

It's my absolute pleasure to help you! I had the very same problem with Live Writer! Here's what you do: Log into picasa (that's where Blogger stores all your pics, you can get there through My Accounts on the dashboard) You have to create an empty album titled "Windows Live Writer" (no quotes in your title). Then it should work just fine! Good luck! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Visit us anythime! I glanced at your most recent post and I think I'd really like your blog too! If my kids weren't waking up from their nap at this very moment, I'd stick around and read! I'll have to come back! Let me know if this doesn't work!