Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Dad, It's Not Working..."

Our sweet firstborn son has lost his first tooth. We had been expecting the event for several weeks now...the tooth was so loose for so long, I thought he might not even notice when it fell out! One evening, as I was cooking dinner, he shouted from the living room, "MOM! MOM! I LOST MY TOOTH!" He was over the top excited...we were too.
Sam's permanent teeth had begun to come in behind his baby teeth. When we visited our dentist several weeks ago, she suggested if they weren't out by his birthday - we would need to make an appointment for her to "help" Sam along. {grin} His dad and I were motivated to get them out quickly to make room for his new teeth to come forward, to avoid a potentially traumatic dental appointment (we've had only positive experiences thus far), and to save a few hundred bucks by doing the work at home. {snicker} So, we offered a visit to Sam's favorite dining establishment, McDon*ld's, when he lost the first tooth. We came out money ahead, for sure!
As we were getting ready for bed, Sam told us he'd like to put his tooth under his pillow for the "tooth fairy." We've elected to tell our boys this sort of thing is a "game" some families play...but, there really is no tooth fairy flying around collecting the little gems. {grin} So, he decided that he wanted to "play" the game...mostly, I think he was looking for some cash!
He carefully placed his tooth in a small plastic bag and put it under this pillow. He drifted off to sleep in great anticipation. Fast forward to 3:30 AM...I hear little footsteps in the hall, then our bedroom door opened. I hear a small voice say, "Dad, it's not working. The tooth fairy isn't coming." Sweet boy. Brad drags himself out of bed, mumbles something about coins, and then hobbles to Sam's room to tuck him in bed again. When he came back to bed, he said, "I suck at being the tooth fairy." Sam received a quarter and his parents learned a good lesson...don't forget to put the money under the pillow before you go to sleep. The children are paying attention! {grin}


Chris and Sarah said...

That's awesome Sam!

Don't tell Amaya because we do play the game. Amaya's is taking forever to come out too because she won't even touch it.

Rick and Beth said...

Ha! Good thing that Brad has many redeeming qualities other than his tooth-fairy-ness!

GranolaMom4God said...

Hilarious! Way to go Sam!