Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Did He Know?

Last night, we went to the Open House at Sam's school. My dear friend watched the three little ones so Brad and I could give Sam our undivided attention. We all had a great time. We met Sam's teacher (he told her that he was sure they would be good friends because they liked the same books), we explored his classroom (he searched through some books and discovered the "treasure box"), we visited the lunchroom (the steam table is like a train with cars - too cute), and we even got to take a short ride on a school bus(huge fun). Sam left feeling very good about things - and super excited about school. I resisted the urge to throw myself into her arms, racked with tears, telling her how special my little boy is and that she should treat him with care - Sam has a tender heart. {grin}

So, this morning, the "big boys" were playing so well together that I got a little suspicious. {grin} They were role playing going to school. Luke made several trips to the kitchen, where I was preparing lunch, to ask for my help in loading his "packback" with cars and other toys. Sam came in to announce that he was going to school for "another great day of school with Mrs. Eppingham (note: her name is actually Mrs. Eppinghoff). {grin} I love that Sam is using this fun play to work out his anxieties about the first day of school. I wish I could find a form of creative play for my own anxieties. {gulp}

So, after Luke had his "packback" loaded to the gills...he announced he was leaving for school. I hugged him and told him that I hoped he had a great day! He looked at me and said, "Now you say "boo hoo hoo" mom." How did he know? {grin}


Chris and Sarah said...

If you figure that our let me know. Chris ask me yesterday what time I thought he would get back to work (he's going in late to see her off on the bus) and I told him as long as it takes me to calm down from crying. Jaxson does have a Dr.'s appointment at 10:30 that morning so hopefully it won't take me too long to gain control.

It does help for me that Amaya is SUPER excited.

What day does Sam start?

Rick and Beth said...

How DID he know??? What a sweet boy. He will learn so much and have so many great new experiences to tell about. I'm excited for him!