Saturday, August 8, 2009

Front Page News

Last week, our dear friends from Indiana came to visit us. Well, actually, Erin came to visit the college here in our tiny town and we squeezed in on their time here. {grin} Brad and I have a long history with this family and share tons of fun memories together. We love them! While Lori (Erin's mom) and Erin went to visit campus, her younger siblings stayed with our tribe. John (nearly 11) and Grace (9) helped to entertain our little men. It was fun to have them around...and I think our little ones made them very tired and very grateful that they don't have younger siblings!

After the college visit, we gathered up the kids and headed to the park for some fun. A reporter for the local newspaper arrived to gather some photos of kids enjoying the fleeting days of summer fun. After asking permission, he took several photos of the kids and chatted with us.

You can see the results here.

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Rick and Beth said...

You are celebrities! Well, you already were in my eyes! So was Mrs. Hockema! She was my 6th grade teacher! So nurturing and fun. I have great memories of her.