Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heard Around Here

My kiddos are always saying funny things. They are sometimes so funny that I double over in laughter -and I"m certain that I will never be able to forget them. Other times, the words are so sweet and precious that I can't imagine the day when they wouldn't be in my heart. However, I am old....and tired....and forgetful....and busy.....and my head is full of thoughts....and I am easily confused!
With that in mind, I wanted a more permanent record of the things that are heard around here these days.

With a huge grin on his face, "You know what you are, Mom? A cruel woman."
--This comment was made after I told him he couldn't play with Play-Doh until his bed was made. Funny kid..

Me: "You are being so silly this morning. Are you a silly boy?"
L: "No, I not silly boy...I Lukey-boy"
(this conversation is played out in many variations throughout the day)

"AAAAWWWW" said while hugging a stuffed animal.
"Da Da" said at any sighting of his beloved daddy.

"Ah-Dah" said while signing "all done"
"Ma Ma Ma Ma" said whenever he needs rescuing from his crib, high chair, his brother's clutches, etc...

There are a million more I need to record...but, right now I hear the laundry calling. {grin}


Chris and Sarah said...

First of all you are not old.

Is Sam old enough to say stuff like that yet?

GranolaMom4God said...

I think you need to write down the fun things your husband says, too. :) Tell Sam to look for something in the mail!