Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Husband is a Fine Fellow

It's no secret to all that know him, my hottie boy husband is one great guy. He is funny, hard-working, humble, loving, smart, witty, goofy, and manly. {grin} He is a Jesus-loving, wife-dating, diaper-changing, oil-changing, tire-rotating, little-boy-chasing, tummy tickling, recycling, garden composting, God-seeking kind of guy. I love that I love him more today than I did on that lovely September day in 1997. I remember vividly waiting for my dad to walk me down the aisle to begin my life as Brad's wife...and being certain that I would never be able to love him more deeply than I did at that moment. I couldn't conceive that my heart would be able to hold it. Many years, struggles, triumphs, sleepless nights, sick babies, times spent earnestly seeking God's will for our lives, belly laughs, and walking through life together have made me believe otherwise. I know him now more than I did then...I know his heart, his strengths, his weaknesses. He has made me feel safe in allowing myself to be known by him. We have accepted one another...and our love has grown. God is amazing. We are not perfect people, but we love one another and we love the Lord.

Yesterday, some other people acknowledged that my hottie boy is also a fine fellow. Several months ago, Brad applied for a scholarship. It was an in-depth application that required pages and pages of writing and lots of time to complete. He was then selected to be among the applicants to receive an interview by a committee. He flew to Dallas, TX and met with a group of people for a brief but thorough interview. Yesterday, the call came. Oddly enough, we were registering Sam for kindergarten and missed the call. {grin} Two of my favorite men and oppostie ends of the educational process...one beginning school and the other pursuing a PhD. He was awarded a scholarship and has been welcomed into this group called "John Wesley Fellows" - a group of scholars committed to teaching and living the way John Wesley did. This scholarship is a generous one. It means that Brad will be free from a bit of the load he has been carrying...providing for our family of 6 is no small task. He is diligently working as a teaching fellow (really ministering to and loving his students) and being a student...and it's a heavy load.

My husband is a fine fellow...and I am a proud wife.


Beth said...

You always were a fine fellow. Congrats on becoming a Fine John Wesley Fellow! You'll be a great doctor.

Chris and Sarah said...


GranolaMom4God said...

Yahoo!! congrats Johnson family! We are excited and proud of you Brad. God is doing amazing things in you and for you!