Friday, May 9, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Living with these little boys of mine is an adventure to say the least. Watching them play outside is one of my greatest joys - they enjoy it to the fullest! Last weekend, my parents came to visit us. This is always a thrill for the boys. Sam and Luke watch for hours out the window in anticipation of their arrival...and Caleb and Matthew are grateful for some extra arms to hold them. My mom is the queen of gift giving. She always brings the boys something, usually something small like a favorite snack, candy, or a fun little trinket of some kind. This time, however, was different. Pa and Gran brought a "sand and water table" for the big boys. We got it assembled quickly and poured in 50 lbs. of sand - and the fun began! They played for hours that day and didn't want the fun to end when it was time for dinner and bedtime routine to begin. So, I am looking forward to bikes racing down our driveway, picking up worms after the rain, playing in the sand, swimming in our little is going to be a great summer.