Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picture Perfect

Hard to believe it, but Caleb and Matthew are 3 months old, it was time for a "photo shoot" with our friend, Carissa. She came to our house last Saturday morning and we had a great time. She is a new "mommy" herself, she and Scott adopted a little bundle of joy just 2 weeks ago! Her little Evelyn is so tiny and precious...I keep telling Carissa that surely her daughter can find a suitable husband among my 4 boys!

She was able to capture each of the boys unique personalities in spite of the madness of trying to photograph 4 boys who are all under the age of 5. We started by taking pics of the little guys first, and it was a challenge. Matthew, who is normally a smiley little guy, was very somber and would hardly crack a smile. Caleb smiled a little bit, but not enough to catch his little dimple. They are just precious!

Sam was a little jealous and feeling the need to be in the spotlight for a bit - so, she took a few shots of him. He is growing up so fast...both physically and emotionally. He is a very tall 4 year old and people often think he is older than he actually is. He wears a size 1 shoe - the same size as his cousin Zack who is in 1st grade. My Sammy Boy is becoming such a little gentleman and so incredibly handsome.

Luke was totally uninterested in participating in the picture taking. He really preferred to watch "Larry Boy" cartoons and relax in the living room. We finally coaxed him into his bedroom to play - and Carissa was able to get some terrific shots of him. Luke has the sweetest cheeks and these amazing long eyelashes. What a cutie pie!

Wow - these pictures are such treasures. I am so thankful to have this time in our lives documented in a permanent way - so beautifully. These are sweet days. The sounds of barefooted little boys chasing one another through the house while giggling uncontrollably, little babies cooing and sometimes crying, and sweet mealtime prayers being shared around our table. It's absolute madness, also. Lots of little boys needing a lot of help with a lot of things! Being "momma" to Sam, Luke, Caleb and Matthew is a demanding job - but, one that I am so blessed to have. :) God has been so good to me.