Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Today I was just having a day...just a normal average day. Brad started back to school today, so we were on a more normal schedule. While we miss having daddy around, it's also nice to be back to "normal" for the boys and I. So, in the midst of cleaning and doing laundry...I notice that Sam's cough is getting worse. It's a little frustrating for both of us - it's a dry, hacking cough that is intense at times and I am unsure of what to do for the poor little guy. So, I prayerfully decided to use the inhaler the doctor gave us last spring when Sam was experiencing these same symptoms. He was willing to try it once - but, quickly decided he didn't like the way it tasted when he inhaled the meds. I decided to see how he reacted with only one "puff" of the inhaler before I forced him to take the recommended second puff. He continued to cough and I told him he would need to take the "breathing medicine" one more time. He quickly disappeared. After I finished changing Luke's diaper, I found Sam in the time out chair in the living room. I said, "Sam, why are you sitting there?" and he replied, "I didn't take that medicine, so I am in time out." :) Too funny! He is now disciplining himself! Oh, the world of a three year old... There is more BIG news at our house - Luke is completely mobile now! He has been cruising along the walls and furniture for weeks now. A few days ago, he gathered the courage to take off on his own. We have all had great fun encouraging him and celebrating his new "skill." He squeals with delight when we applaud! He is only 9 months old, so I would have preferred a few more weeks/months of crawling...but, it's difficult to complain about him reaching a milestone! :) It's a blessing to have healthy, active, fun boys filling our house with giggles and screams...and sometimes, even crying!

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