Friday, December 22, 2006

Sending Out an S.O.S.

Lately, there has been some bedtime "drama" where Sam is concerned. He has become a master at delaying the inevitable - he needs a drink, he forgot to hug his baby brother, he has to potty one more time, he wants to read just one more book, etc... Last night, after books, prayers, and snuggles - he told me he was going to "miss me" while he was asleep. I told him because we love one another, he didn't have to miss me - I am always in His heart. I explained that he could pray and ask God to help him not to miss me and to help him fall asleep quickly. After I left his room, I heard him tearfully talking out loud. I overheard the following conversation, "God, I am missing my mommy real bad. Can you go get her? PLEASE!" His pleading with God went on for several minutes, and I simply HAD to go back in for more snuggling. Afterall, I didn't want him to have a crisis of faith... What a blessing it is to watch your child begin a relationship with God. :)

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