Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is Coming....ready or not!

The countdown has begun for slackers like me....only 6 more days until Christmas. I have yet to wrap the gifts, ice the cookies, plan the holiday dinner, or send the official Johnson Family Christmas letter. It's not entirely my fault - honest! Last Sunday, I did my best to take the "annual photo" of the kids for the letter - but, Luke cried like mad and Sam closed his eyes. After about 6 attempts, Brad called a "cease fire" and we went to church. :) So, I have been unable to send the letter because I have no photo. Luke had tubes placed in his ears on Monday morning...a very neccessary procedure - but not part of the "Christmas Plan" I had created. Thankfully, he seems to be doing fine and much more comfortable. Poor little guy has had recurrent ear infections for months now. Two surgeries in 9 months - he gets around the medical community! So, while I haven't got the "superficial" things prepared for Christmas - my heart is fully prepared to welcome God's good gift. I am keenly aware of the gift of salvation that came wrapped in the tiny body of a baby so long ago. God is so good.

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