Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The delicate balance between chaos and calm...

It seems each day is full of moments of extreme sweetness and extreme chaos! For instance, yesterday Sam had a friend over to play in the morning. He and Elijah had a great time playing with dinosaurs, coloring, racing cars, and eating snacks. Everything was going beautifully (Sam was even sharing) until the last few minutes before Elijah's mom arrived. Apparently, having all four of the dinosaurs to yourself is the only way to go - it was all or nothing for the both of them. They wouldn't even entertain the idea of each having two dinosaurs. Sam got frustrated and ran to his bedroom in tears. I explained how we stay and work things out with our friends using "words" rather than leaving in tears...and that he probably hurt Elijah's feelings. We said "goodbye" to Elijah and then settled down for an afternoon nap. After he woke up, he came into the kitchen where I was feeding Luke in the highchair. Sam noticed a picture of Jesus on a Christmas letter we'd received. He said, "Jesus, I am sorry for hurting Elijah's feelings. Okay?" It melted my heart and gave me hope! Maybe he really is "getting" more than we think he is.

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