Monday, June 17, 2013

It's a Dangerous Cycle & Catching Up (part 1)

I find myself caught in this crazy cycle regarding this blog.  It just seems that all of my "pistons" are not firing at the same time.  For example, I get ready to blog about some sort of happening in our lives and then: I don't have photos uploaded, I seem to run out of time/creativity,or most commonly,  after a day of settling disputes and keep the children occupied - I am left unable to write in complete sentences.  Then, after a long silence on the ole family blog...I am overwhelmed by the thought of catching up.  So, I just continue to neglect the blog. 

Lately, as I look at my sweet little men it's so evident that they are growing and changing at such an alarming makes my heart race if I dwell on it.  These days are crazy, loud, chaotic, busy, overwhelming, dirty, messy, and completely wonderful. {sigh}  The days go by so quickly, consumed with activity and cleaning up from said activities...that I forget to savor them.  These are some of the sweetest days of my life and I need to have a record of them.  My children and I will need to read about these days and remember how God provided, protected, and loved us.

So, with that being's time to "fire up" the blog again! 

Poor Luke was sick on his birthday (second year in a row) and had to cancel his party. 

Opening gifts seemed to make him feel better, for a while.

A few weeks later, we celebrated his birthday with our dear friends, The Bellew's.
With our 4 kiddos and the 5 Bellew kiddos - it was a party!

enjoying some cake!
Sam and I were able to attend a NCAA game in Lexington,  The Butler Bulldogs over Bucknell!

Over Spring Break, we took a tour of the Ale-8 factory in Winchester, KY. 
Our lovely friend, Miss Katie, joined us!
The Johnson clan with their first bottle of soda.

Matthew lost his first tooth!  At age five, he is the youngest Johnson to have ever lost a tooth!

Caleb still has all of his teeth, but apparently lost his mind!  {little comedian}

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Carissa Martin said...

Christina, they are SO big! I can't even believe it!! What a beautiful family.