Monday, September 24, 2012

Sam @ 9

The boy who made me a momma for the first time and enlarged the size of my heart celebrated his ninth birthday on September 18th.  Seems so strange to think that I am a mom to a nine year old boy.
 It seems to have gone quickly...but, in reality we have shared nine years packed full of amazing memories.  I am grateful for each one.  What a gift to be momma to this sweet boy.
Sam is growing and changing at an alarming rate and I don't want to forget who he was at nine.

  • You are becoming an even more avid reader...much to your nerdy parent's delight.(snicker)
  • Your heart for hurting people continues to challenge Daddy and me.
  • The summer of 2012 was one of tremendous growth for you...not only physically, but more importantly - spiritually.  You are learning that God is trustworthy and He will not leave you.  You have learned to rely on Him and His strength when you are uncertain or anxious.
  • You learned to let go of the fear of looking "foolish" and learned to love swimming.
  • You eat your body weight in yogurt each week...well, not exactly - but, close.  Your favorite is vanilla.
  • You fell in love with your littlest brothers all over again...realizing that they really look up to you.
  • You mourned the loss of your second grade class (you found a wonderful friend in your teacher, Mrs. S) and after several weeks, began to believe that third grade would be okay.
  • Your passion for all things Lego continues.  Your dad nearly loses his religion each time he steps on them with bare feet.  You always blame it on your little brothers.  (grin)
  • Each year, you have met the beginning of the school year with great anxiety about all of the unknowns.  This year was different.  Your maturing faith in Jesus reassured you that you were safe and you were not alone.  You met your third grade year with amazing confidence - not even a tear (okay, your eyes got a little misty.  i am still claiming it as a victory!).  Daddy and I loved seeing your faith in action in this powerful way.
  • You love chocolate.
  • Your sense of humor is maturing (although you still get a kick out of "bathroom humor") and it's fun to have these "lively" conversations with you.
  • You make my heart melt when you invite me to lay next to you on your bed as you drift off to sleep.  I know these sweet invitations into your heart and thoughts at the end of the day won't come forever. 
  • You hate wearing pants that button.
  • Daddy and I are enjoying watching you "stretch your leadership wings" - it seems like you just might be a natural leader.  We're praying that God is glorified in all that you do.
  • You requested your first "grown-up looking" Bible.  It was important to you that it not look childish or have cartoon drawings.
  • You think Papa John's pizza is the most amazing food on the planet.
  • You attended basketball camp at the local university.  This was a big deal, your first attempt at organized sports.  You played alongside boys and girls who had lots of experience.  It wasn't always easy...but, you stuck it out!  Daddy and I were so proud of you.
  • We listened to a dramatic reading of the entire Chronicles of Narnia series on CD as we traveled this summer.  You and I watched the movie, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe just before school began.  We both wept at the great love Aslan displayed.  It led to great conversations about Jesus sacrifice for us. A powerful memory, for sure.
  • You have expressed an interest in drama lessons or participating in a play.  We're exploring this creative outlet for you.  It's fun to see you discover who you are and the talents God has given you.
  • You are handsome, sweet, caring, kind, funny, sassy, silly, and you are my boy. (grin)

I love you, Samuel Thomas Johnson. Happy Birthday, my sweet nine-year-old boy.


Jodi McKenna said...

Sam, you truly are a neat boy. I know that you and my Asher would get along stupendously. You boys should get together with your love of Legos, book reading, and hearts for others. Give your mom a squeeze! I miss her!

Mama Smors said...

Happy birthday, Sam! I was so honored to be your teacher in 2nd grade and I can see your confidence overflowing this year as a big 3rd grader. I miss your continuous kindness in my classroom but I am thankful to know that you are sharing that with my dear friend this year!