Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

This picture was taken in 1997, obviously on our wedding day. These two sweet little girls are my nieces. Morgan, on the left, and Ashley, standing on the right. I remember vividly that Morgan was asking me about her duties as flower girl once again and Ashley was admiring my bouquet. It was a truly wonderful day...marrying this amazing man of God and beginning a life together. It was such a special day - I can't remember a time since then that all of the people that I love have been gathered in one place. Oh, how I love these ladies...who have since grown into beautiful young women. Our littlest niece, Paige, was also a flower girl in our wedding - boy, was she ever adorable! She was just two years old at the time...she was more interested in sitting on her mom's lap between photos. (grin) Such sweet memories.

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