Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Caleb (left) and Matthew (right) shared a crib until they were nearly 8 months old. Caleb was beginning to be a "fiesty" sleeper and kept waking Matthew before he was ready to wake up. It was a necessary move, but one that proved to be difficult for Matthew. The first night in his own crib, he cried and cried - very unlike him. I put him in the crib with Caleb and he went right to sleep. We began to transition them into their own cribs and nap times and then, eventually at night. So sweet to see how strong their "brotherly bond" is. Twins really do have a unique relationship. We are so blessed to see it lived out in these two little men. I love this picture of them. They are 8 weeks old. They were always touching one another and snuggling up as they slept. Matthew was a thumb sucker, and would often find Caleb's hand to suck on. Such cuties!

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