Sunday, July 11, 2010

Potty Training Twins

For months now, Caleb and Matthew have been going “potty” occasionally, at convenient times when they are already sans clothing : before & after a bath or a diaper change.  They have shown some interest,but not overwhelmingly so.  I am not a fan of changing diapers…but, I also know full well the challenges that potty training brings.  I have not been in a rush to get the twins potty trained.  Sam and Luke were both potty-trained just a few months shy of  their third birthdays – and it was effortless.  In just one day – SHAZAM!  We had success!  Only one or two accidents in the following days.  So, I was comfortable waiting a bit longer if it meant an easier transition.  I have heard so many stories about potty training that takes place over a period of months.  I wanted no part of that misery.
Potty-trainers get really fired up about their new-found skill and want to “go pee pee” in every possible location…each restaurant, store, or home you visit – and for my boys, each tree or bush they find along the way!  Potty-training also involves a bit of OCD on the parent’s part: repeatedly asking(as if your life depended on it)  if they have to “go potty?”  It also involves remembering to bring an extra change of clothing (or two in our case) everywhere you go…just in case!  However, the process doesn’t last long and the rewards are well worth the effort.  Perhaps the greatest blessing has been the reduction in diaper changes around here.  For nearly seven years, we have been changing and wiping the bottoms of at least one of our sweet boys I have tried to erase the brief period when three were in diapers from my memory. 
With all of that said, I must admit that I am a bit sad.  My “baby’ boys are growing up.  I am choosing to focus on the freedom that this new phase brings…and to celebrate that God is growing my boys up just as He should!  I just wish that it didn’t happen so quickly.  {sniff}
Caleb (left) and Matthew (right).
Isn’t the difference in their skin tone remarkable? Matthew isn’t more “tan” than Caleb – all natural coloring.


Rick and Beth said...

That is such a sweet picture!

GranolaMom4God said...

That is so precious. (Jodi, here, not Brian). They have Johnson heads . . . they look like Sam from behind . . . way cute picture!