Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

I just uploaded several pictures from my digital camera...604 of them, to be exact! I have mentioned it on my blog before, I can't seem to find time to upload photos. It seems to be at the very bottom of my very long to-do list. So, I finally got around to it. Choosing a picture for "Favorite Foto Friday" this week was a bit of a challenge - so many to choose from. {grin}

After perusing the recently added photos, I decided that this little gem warmed my heart the most. It's not an especially attractive photo - the lighting isn't great and the angle of Sam's neck is a little odd. However, I think it captures the sweet relationship that Sam shares with his littlest brothers. Sam loves, loves, loves his little baby brothers! He loves to tickle them, chase them, help them read books, to carry them (although his mom thinks this is a bad idea and discourages it greatly!), he loves for them to sit on his lap, he loves to be the first to go into their room when he hears them waking, and he loves to sing to them. He really is a terrific big brother...I have to wonder if all of this "baby loving" isn't going to make him a better daddy one day.


Chris and Sarah said...

I'm sure he will be a great daddy someday!

Brad Johnson said...

You can blame hubdaddy for the poor photography on this one!