Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Several weeks ago, I was "tagged" by my sweet friend, Sarah, over at http://www.arewethereyetla5.blogspot.com/. I have been putting it off for too long...mostly because while my life is very busy - it's not too exciting! :) The "tag" asks you to list seven random/odd things about yourself.

1. I have a "thing" about toilet paper. It must be put on the dispenser with the tissue coming over the top. The tissue hanging from the bottom annoys me.

2. Sometimes I watch "The Biggest Loser" while eating a bowl of ice cream. Does this make me the biggest LOSER? :)

3. Although I feel like our family is complete with four children, I am so drawn to adoption. I feel like God has been growing my heart and stirring something up in me for many years (since I was a child) regarding orphans. I am praying and I am anxious to see what God will do.

4. I do not like for my "hot" food and "cold" foods to touch. This makes my husband crazy. He simply doesn't understand.

5. I get a little perturbed when strangers say things like, " They are all boys? Oh, bless your heart." They always twist their face up when they say it, as if to show how painful it must be to have all boys. It bothers me that my boys hear people speak about them as if they are wild beasts and less than desireable. ugh.

6. I secretly want to be a photographer.

7. I can NEVER seem to locate my keys. It has always been a bit of an issue with me, but it has certainly gotten worse since the diaper bag has entered my life. When I don't have the kids along, I put my keys in my purse and when I do have the boys along, I put my keys in the diaper bag. You can see why I have a difficult time keeping track of them. Thank God Brad is a patient man. HE has had to bail me out more than once. :)

So, there you have it. Seven not-so-exciting-but-random things about myself. I am supposed to "tag" seven people - but, I am just not up for tagging people I don't personally know. :) I guess that could be considered another random fact about myself.. {grin}.




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